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About the Power Matters Alliance

Power Matters Alliance (PMA) is a global, not-for-profit, industry organization made up forward-thinking industry leaders working together to create a better power paradigm for battery equipped devices using wireless charging technology. Since being founded in 2012, the PMA has grown rapidly to over 100 members across a diverse set of industries including telecommunication, consumer devices, automotive, retail, furniture, surfaces and more. Our growth and success is attributed to a unique approach of making wireless charging ubiquitous in the places that consumers need it most as well as the hard work and dedication of our members.

The PMA Brand Means:

  • An open and inviting home for innovative companies with technology roadmaps that drive the future of wireless charging.
  • A wireless charging ecosystem built using public infrastructure market leaders
  • Trusted global interoperability based upon world class certification
  • Substantial value for companies planning to invest in wireless charging technology


Vision: Global network of seamless wireless charging services wherever portable devices are used.

Mission: The PMA is an industry association chartered to deliver certification that achieves global interoperability, develop technical specifications based on open standards, meet energy efficiency and regulatory requirements and promote the brand.