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Membership Overview

Members of the Power Matters Alliance can play a central role in defining the future of wireless power, power management and efficient power usage in consumer products. We appreciate our members' time and rely on their intellectual contributions in driving the development of quality PMA specifications.

PMA allows industry leaders, government agencies and regulators, academic institutions and individual enablers to drive the PMA vision to market.

Power Matters Alliance engages key players across multiple industries to create global standards for advanced wireless power for devices at home and on the go, including:

  • Consumer electronics manufacturers
  • Smart phone manufacturers
  • Software and app developers
  • IC manufacturers
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Automotive
  • Eateries
  • Entertainment venues
  • Retail
  • Governmental and educational bodies
  • Complimentary industry alliances

If you are interested in becoming a member please click here and we will be in touch shortly with a full membership packet.

Membership Benefits

PMA is an inclusive alliance of forward-thinking minds. We welcome any company, government agency, academic body or other industry consortia with a stake in the wireless power ecosystem to enter our ranks and have an impact. Join now.

  • Early access to draft specifications and Power Matters Alliance material
  • Participation in interoperability tests
  • Feedback interaction on proposed specifications
  • Access to finalized specifications and updates
  • Showcasing PMA-compliant products on the PMA website
  • Member listing on the PMA website
  • Referencing membership in company news releases
  • Leveraging PMA marketing tools
  • Most importantly, the ability to interoperate with the largest and fastest growing wireless power ecosystem!