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Android Community: "PMA Wireless Charging Integration Coming to AT&T in 2014"

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By Robert Nelson l April 17, 2013

The Power Matters Alliance (PMA) seems to have picked up some new members. That and, we are also heading some PMA related news coming from AT&T, who have announced some good news for those who may be looking to get a handset with integrated wireless charging. The new members include Samsung, HTC and LG.

Of course, along with AT&T, other companies such as Google and Starbucks had previously pledged support. As for the AT&T side of the news, they plan to begin offering smartphones with integrated wireless charging in 2014.

Sure, we have seen some handsets with wireless charging up until this point; however this update from AT&T comes with word that they now full support the “concept of an industry standard for wireless power.” As such, this means AT&T will begin asking their device suppliers to integrate PMA-certified wireless charging solutions by 2014. AT&T has also said they will be working with their suppliers to “deploy PMA-certified handsets and accessories as quickly as possible.” 

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