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PMA: Taking charge of the wireless power agenda
In our ongoing efforts to improve the user experience with power, the PMA continues to reach out to leading industrialists, market makers and visionary thinkers, assembling an instantly recognizable group of individuals and organizations with significant impact on the roll-out of the wireless power supply chain. The growing membership list of the Power Matters Alliance reads like a who’s who in their respective industries. They all share a penchant for thought leadership in driving their fields ever forward.

Smartphones and fast networks have transformed AT&Ts’ mobile experience, and the next frontier is ensuring that these never run out of power. AT&T believes the PMA has the right organizational framework, the right institutional backing and the most promising technological platform. AT&T is looking forward to a future where all of our devices can charge seamlessly in the home, in the car and in the coffee shop – and expect that such a future is at hand.

For decades Duracell has been the standard bearer for the original ‘wireless power’ – the battery! After all, where would the ‘AAA’ be without Duracell? Having become the most trusted consumer brand for power, Duracell have set their sights on the next revolution in portable power: wireless power. As a division of Procter & Gamble, Duracell enjoys unparalleled retail distribution and consumer insights – and in their quest to remake power for the 21st Century, Duracell joined the board of the PMA, and joined forces with the leading technology company for wireless power – Powermat Technologies – to create Duracell Powermat.

General Motors
As the largest automobile manufacturer in the world, GM is used to being in the driver’s seat, steering the industry down a future-bound lane of innovation for improved safety and better performance while recognizing the need for maintaining exemplary environmental safety standards. The engine driving multiple popular brands of Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac, General Motors recognizes its role as a responsible manufacturer. Producing the most fuel-efficient, plug-in hybrid vehicle on the market (Chevrolet Volt), spearheading a bold agenda of landfill-free facilities, making increasing use of solar power in its manufacturing plants and offering solar canopies in its dealerships for electric car owners to charge up are only some of the ways that GM is moving towards smarter power production and waste reduction.

As the first automaker to commit to PMA-compatibility, GM is helping to bring wireless charging to the interior of automobiles. The automotive giant plans to roll out multiple car models that will include a PMA-compatible wireless charging surface for mobile phones. By enabling drivers to simply lay their phones down on an interior surface as an afterthought and top-up on power while they drive without the need for messy wires, GM is furthering the PMA’s Power 2.0 agenda. The distance between now and widespread adoption of PMA protocols by all automotive manufacturers is just a short drive into the future.

Powermat Technologies
Powermat has become synonymous with wireless power. Nikola Tesla provided evidence for the potential of wireless power transmission in 1891, but it wasn’t until Powermat Technologies miniaturized, productized, certified and commercialized wireless power that wireless power became a real option for regular folk. Powermat has since contributed its knowhow to the PMA, providing the PMA membership with the most field-proven architecture, and the broadest interoperability possible.

Starbucks is always looking for ways to help their customers recharge, both literally and figuratively. Wireless charging is not only the most convenient and simple way to recharge a mobile device, but it’s environmentally friendly – so it makes perfect sense for Starbucks to be working with the PMA to create a universal standard for wireless charging.

And on, and on…
PMA compatible ‘charging spots’ have been installed in New York City’s Madison Square Garden, enabling fans of the Knicks, Rangers, Liberty and the countless rock acts that perform in the storied venue, to charge up without plugging in. The same is true in the newly minted Barclays Center, at select Delta airport lounges, at Super-Cuts and several other hair salons, at Jay-Z’s 40/40 club and in many more venues besides.