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What We Do

Power 2.0 is the suite of standards needed to provide advanced wireless power to devices at home and on the move. Power Matters Alliance is committed to working towards a new model for power, one in which power's ability to communicate a problem is more subtle than blowing a fuse.

Ppower2.0ecosystem3ower 2.0 -- the Internet of electricty -- is about linking power, information, and energy-efficient solutions utilizing Direct Current in order to enable and optimize a 21st century approach to power. For too long, power has been stuck in the 19th Century, whereby the only way to power something was to stick three bits of metal into a wall plug. Power 2.0 aims to change that: to do for electricity what the internet did for information, linking power and data.

The Power 2.0 ecosystem spans mobile, computing, in-car, consumer electronics, smart batteries, household power, and power-in-public-places. Additionally, Power 2.0 will enable interaction of software and services with power by defining a digital layer above today's wireless power.

Furthermore, Power 2.0 will aim to open the door for managed power, based on a system architecture modeled on Internet principles. Using "nanogrids", a table with embedded wireless power could act as a nanogrid, as could a car. Power 2.0 is about reinventing electricity from the bottom-up.