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Future Power

Smart power management is all about enabling an intelligent digital conversation between device and power source in order to determine the extent of supply and demand.

So it’s not a stretch to envision a reality in the not-too-distant future wherein the smart wireless hotspot paradigm that is currently revolutionizing the way we power up battery-operated devices reaches the final frontier: the wall socket.

Imagine a typical home scenario wherein device and power source engage in a digital conversation. A local wireless power “hotspot” surface with charging capabilities – neatly embedded behind the wall and connected to the main power grid – recognizes that a new power-needy device has just entered into the room. The device and power source engage in a friendly digital handshake that immediately determines the direction of their relationship.

If, for instance, this “nano power grid” detects that the device – say a vacuum cleaner – has an on-board digital certificate, indicating that it is a green energy-saving product, then its owner may in turn be rewarded with a reduced energy bill for its use.

Perhaps the vacuum cleaner is already 70% charged and not currently in use; the smart wireless hotspot can then choose when to charge it, again “offering” a savings credit in exchange for not over-burdening the grid during peak hours of demand.

By defining this intelligent digital layer of managed power above today's analog one, the next generation of smart devices – from home entertainment systems to kitchen appliances, personal grooming devices and beyond – can communicate on many levels with smart, wire-free nano power grids without anything ever needing to be plugged in.